You can now buy and sell virtual items tested in the Meta-Computers metaverse

You can now buy and sell virtual items tested in the Meta-Computers metaverse

Meta aims to encourage creators to make money in their virtual world Horizon Worlds. The owner of Facebook has opened a new test program, which allows you to sell your articles in this metaverse. For now, the texts are only accessible to certain creators for the company to receive their feedback on the available tools. The goal, in the future, is for users to be able to purchase these digital items, as well as services and experiences from the creators.

In the announcement, Meta says the metaverse is not limited to physical space and will bring a new level of creativity and open up opportunities for the next generation of creators and businesses to pursue their passions and create their livelihoods. The company promises that creators and entrepreneurs have more freedom to find the business model that suits them best.

Meta says the creator’s $ 10 million fund, which was announced with the revelation of metaverse, is now available to provide resources to the creators of Horizon Worlds. The company says it will continue to work with the community of creators, to try and learn in the process.

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In this sense, creators can start selling virtual items, as well as their effects on their worlds. For example, Meta says it is possible to produce and sell accessories for a fashion world or to create paid access to a new part of the world. For now, Horizon Worlds is only available in the United States and Canada, and the possibility of purchasing virtual items is blocked for users over the age of 18. Creators who have been selected to sell items have access to a Commerce tab. And in the editor, in creation mode, you have the options to create articles that can be sold.

On the other hand, Meta also introduces the possibility to buy in the metaverse. US users can start testing the Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program. These bonuses are introduced in the form of goal-oriented monthly programs, where creators are paid at the end of each month for their progress toward the goal. These bonuses are tax free and are paid in full to the creators.

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The purpose of these bonuses is to encourage creators to build virtual worlds that attract users and stay longer. Meta states that in the future, other goals may include encouraging creators to adopt new tools and features that are released in the metaverse. However, they warn that creators participating in monetization programs must follow the policies and good usage practices that Meta has created, including prohibited content in the virtual world. Users can report any misconduct they see in the business.

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