ZoidPay Partners with BH Networks: Instant Interoperable Liquidity for Freelancers’ Internet |  by Fareem |  ZoidPay |  June, 2022

ZoidPay Partners with BH Networks: Instant Interoperable Liquidity for Freelancers’ Internet | by Fareem | ZoidPay | June, 2022

Elrond Network is rapidly seeing the emergence of new and exciting projects. One of the projects that has come up is to create a freelancing marketplace using state-of-the-art blockchain technology that eliminates or greatly reduces the pain that freelancers currently face. Meet our latest partners BH Network, Freelancers Internet. 🤝

About partnership, Marius Grigoras, co-founder and CEO of BH NetworkSaid, “There are 1.1B freelancers worldwide. Imagine at least 0.1% of this in the Elrond ecosystem with BH network solutions. ZoidPay’s decentralized crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto payment solutions are crucial for a web 3.0-friendly onboarding for these freelancers. Here at BH Network, we believe in strong projects with good fundamentals and working evidence. ZoidPay has proven that it has the right experience to integrate conventional payments with blockchain and make them more secure, faster and easier to access than other options currently available.

About BH Network Hub

The goal of the BH Network is to fix all the pain points currently associated with existing FIAT freelance marketplaces. For example, high fees, long waiting times for payments, bias towards established vendors, and fraudulent chargebacks by creating our own custom escrow smart agreements and search algorithms based on current technology provided by the Elrond network blockchain.

In addition, the BH Network team will use their knowledge and experience for the most disruptive and successful business on Web3.0. The BHero launchpad will further increase Elrond’s global adoption rate and ensure that all projects comply with current legal and regulatory requirements.

1. Pay BHAT to over 100 million online retailers

Yes. The ZoidPay Chrome extension now offers BHAT token holders instant liquidity for their tokens, enabling digital online payments. So whether you book to stay on Airbnb, pay for your monthly Netflix subscription or make a purchase on Amazon, the ZoidPay Chrome extension now allows over 100 million retailers to make instant purchases with BHAT.

If you are a resident of EEA Zone, then download ZoidPay Chrome extension Here.

Currently, with a one-time KYC, users at EEA can use the Chrome extension with a monthly purchase limit of € 100,000. Complete an extended KYC and this limit goes above € 1M per day. We also plan to launch a non-KYC account soon, with purchases up to € 2500 per month using the Chrome extension.

At 5%, ZoidPay offers the lowest transaction fees across the industry. However, by maintaining our partnership we are extending a 5% cashback on purchases made using BHAT, thus rejecting the actual fee paid to zero.

Chrome extension will be available for worldwide use soon

It is important to note that the Chrome extension is non-custodial. This means that you have complete control over your crypto at all stages. In addition, the Chrome extension is compatible with any digital wallet, and only requires a public address on your wallet to connect to it.

2. BH Network ZoidPay as a payment method in the global marketplace

A key feature of the BH Network Platform is the creation of a global marketplace with an efficient payment system that includes a dynamic payment platform that allows customers to pay by project, milestone or hourly. With the launch of our API / SDK later this year, we will be expanding them to the BH network to enable a system that includes crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto, and crypto-fiat payments.

3. Co-branded ZoidPay – BH Network Physical Card

Imagine this: you, as a freelancer on the BH network, get paid in crypto. You have the option to instantly transfer this crypto equivalent FIAT to a physical debit card, which you can use for daily expenses on groceries, fuel, and more. ZoidPay – BH network’s physical debit cards coming later this year, will be a reality.

Explains the significance and scope of the partnership, Edward Onesi, founder and CEO of ZoidPay, Said “Elrond is another step in the right direction for the network ecosystem. The BH Network is a very impressive project, specifically dedicated to disrupting it, and the team led by Marius and Eddie make a great project to partner with it. We’ve discussed a number of mutually beneficial use cases, where we can each use our energy to expand the most efficient and economically beneficial experience for freelancers. “

About ZoidPay: ZoidPay is a crypto liquidity platform that enables instant cards.
Issued for purchase to any merchant at minimum fee. ZoidPay was founded in May 2018 in Cyprus as a blockchain company focused on making crypto payments easier for everyone, adopting Web 3.0 financial services.

Enables ZoidPay,
Users: Shop anything from anywhere with crypto
Developers: Build Web 3.0 financial services on top of instant, interoperable cross-chain liquidity with our APIs and SDKs.
Blockchain, Exchange and Wallet: Combine crypto liquidity with one line of code

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